The adventure into Knowledge Economy didn’t went on so well. My application to a scholarship in Finland has been refused. Being left out I came up with some random reflective thoughts about KE. So here goes nothing:

– in KE many pay to get knowledge, few get paid for doing it. Although I see myself more like Ismael than like a turist (remember Ismael getting into the boat in the beggining of Moby Dick?) the fact is that  I am on the side of the payers not of the receivers.

– Economic logic is fallacious, it goes on in a circle: to get a job you need a job. To be a researcher (paid as such) you need to be a researcher.

–  Kuhn was right: where do you stand?  Ambiguities don’t exist. We should behave as one of them. Cannot stand in between  – Am I to be a philosopher? An information researcher?

–  KE has strange consequences: things will get to this rather obscure point, in which the imperative of learning: “keep learning, throughout life” will amount to a Devaluation of Knowledge you already hold. There is no definitive knowledge, K has perishable value.

I strongly desagree with many of the premisses of KE I have stated here. But of course, all of these premisses are disputable, and might be false. Don’t put your emotions into your applications, they might blur your judgements. Probabilities is the right framework to view your application’s efforts.