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While dwelling about my own domestic model of energy consumption I had this crashing thought: am I an information builder? If  so, of what kind? It may sound odd thinking but parallell thoughts have their own way of functioning and I accept them when they come.



What is the place that information holds in classical theories of knowledge?

Is it a place assigned by an empiricist account of knowledge?

To be researched…

How well does the concept of meme apply to information research?

Studying both allow to answer this:

How different interpretations are drawn from a common phenomenological heritage.

What is the philosophical debate between Capurro and Floridi and what does it tell us about information?

Can we find a correspondance between fundamental forms of information (Bates, M.) and the semantic definition (Floridi, L.)?

In the behaviour/practice debate we are supposing that no disagreement exists over the concept of information. But is there?