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Observations about an e-learning experience in the 3rd person:

1 – in a physical classroom speech is taken over upon many factors. Less people talk, because time of reunion is limited and sometimes someone is more efective in taking up the time available.

2- in a e-learning environment everyone talks. Each presence becomes present through speech.

3 – in a physical classroom are the goals of communication fulfilled? We may feel that we’ve missed the point…

4 – in a e-learning environment are the goals of communication fulfilled? Everyone talks/writes extensively. But listening to others is not assured. It seems like everyone is talking in its own behalf, not trying to build upon others views.


Today my colleague said this: people have a lot of information, but don’t know reality.
We were talking about going to a social security center, with a problem, asking for help. Someone told us about a nasty experience.
So tough we have information about things that are wrong, we don’t really know reality.
Said I: imagine going to that same center through the eyes, the body, the position of an immigrant.
Though this proposition could be in many ways dissecated, I will put only this forward: embodied information is quite different from just information.
And there’s a lot of un-embodied information.

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I came across some nice slogans from Liz Poirier who is doing a Phd about “slow information”:

“Reading not scanning” . From twitter I got this title of a talk she gave “From Infomania to Infodiversity. Why libraries should be proud of their slow credentials” in City University London (I guess this is it, but I am not sure).

The importance of being a “real” librarian is that you are able to grasp these things: your 5 senses are into it.

I hope to follow this.

Ā«Let’s follow the grouperĀ» said the nice poet Alexandre O’Neill (who is also the author of some of the most well known slogans in portuguese advertisement – before advertisement was advertisement).